What we do

LFM International is to be considered as a factory direct supplier, our goal is to assist you in importing quality Indonesian, Vietnamese and Chinese furniture from our factories to your door by utilizing our many years of on the ground experience throughout these regions. Our Specialty is Central Java…..


As I’m sure you are aware it takes many years to build relationships and set up these systems within Indonesia and many man hours to organize the best possible quality control. We have all of this to a stage where we can offer a professional service from when you order to when you receive your goods, including:

  • Order Taking
  • Consolidation
  • Local inland freight
  • All necessary paperwork
  • Permits (where required)
  • Fumigation
  • Customs Inspections in Indonesia (crate inspection, container washes, and freight inspections)

The prices that we offer are F.O.B. (Freight on Board) so the price includes all mentioned above.

If permits are required for your order (only if you are importing goods like Banana leaf, Water Hyacinth and Sea Grass) we can help with the permit applications and obtain all the tricky paperwork involved from our factories giving you the opportunity to order these normally hard to SOURCE products, the cost of the permit will be added to your final invoice, LFM will not charge anything for this service and will only pass on the actual cost from AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Services), if you are from Europe or the U.S. we can contact our trusted experts in your area to arrange the required paperwork.

We will keep you posted of your orders throughout the whole process from the time you place the order until you receive your Container, generally from the time we receive the deposit for the container the total process takes around 10 – 12 weeks this of course depends on several things…. The weather in Java (rainy or dry season) National holidays like Ramadan etc are the most likely reason for any holdups but we have been negotiating these challenges for years now and can limit their impact, We will always keep you informed as best we can as for us communication is a priority.

When it comes When it comes to arranging transport and freight we use only the best, by using Clemenger International Freight we have created a fantastic partnership which allows complete ease during the import process and highly recommend that when buying from LFM that you too take advantage of this partnership.

By using Clemenger you can also be assured that you are getting the best possible rates out in the market, by having Clemenger handle the freight and Customs clearance you can be secure in the knowledge that your order is being handled by a professional company that understands the products and challenges that Indonesia, Vietnam and China can throw at you, not only that but also the unpredictable nature of AQIS and Customs, as an importer your Freight forwarder can be invaluable.

 Of course if you have your own forwarder already we will be more than happy to supply them with all the information needed for them to handle your goods and provide all paperwork necessary.

 At the end of the day you are the importer and LFM International are the facilitator, sourcing the best deal between you and our factories, as the goods are supplied F.O.B. all freight and importation costs will be at your own expense and these costs will have to be added to complete the final landed price, as our customers are from all areas of Australia and other parts of the world these costs vary from customer to customer but we can most defiantly give you a very close landed estimate once we have your delivery instructions and have discussed this with Clemenger or your preferred supplier.

 In regards to payment, we require a 50% deposit when your order is confirmed and 50% final payment when the Container is leaving the port in Indonesia, Vietnam or China. All freight payments are to be paid directly to your forwarder at the time the container lands at your designated port.  

 Our goal is to make importing from Asia easy and care free leaving you to do what you know best…Selling!

 Thanks for considering LFM International as your supplier of quality furniture products.